Arid Waterways

Much of my plein air work involves spending time in arid country, usually trying to find water - for cooling down after a hike, and to paint.  These places are often marked by long running gulleys, rocky alleyways running up the cliff sides.  The waterways are usually dry, with depleted and evaporating pools where the wildlife hunker down for the duration.

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Recent Portraits

Portraits that I have done during the recent past and works currently being prepared for exhibition or commission.

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Whiskers Creek

Whiskers Creek descends through the land where I reside.  It occasionally floods, but usually there are only small pools of water that can outlast the droughts. These special places become the lifeline for the animal and birds of the area.  An artist might go there too.

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I travelled into the Antarctic Peninsula in November/December 2012, making daily forays onto the mainland to explore and sketch a small part of this vast continent. Getting around in a Zodiac, snow-shoeing and kayaking enabled me to observe up close the glacial ice and volcanic rocks.  


My site sketches and studio works will form the basis of an Antarctic Exhibition to be held at M16 Gallery in Canberra in September, 2014.  The works on paper and paintings on canvas will be accompanied by Antarctic-inspired sculptural pieces by Mike MacGregor.

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I usually sketch a portrait of my subject "alla prima" (in one sitting).  The immediacy of this approach keeps the work fresh and unlaboured.  When I am commissioned to work on a portrait, or when I am painting a portrait for a major competition submission, then the process becomes more layered, working from live sittings and from my photographic references of the subject. The painting of a portrait is a rewarding experience, affording me the priviledge of getting to know my subject in a unique way.

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Ross River

Continuing her work of the arid bushland near the waterways and gorges of Ross River in Central Australia, McInnis’s paintings in mixed media, oil and acrylic are an immediate response to the environment with her smaller works executed on site.

"A particular landscape is located by its geography, defined by its natural characteristics. My attempt to represent it is constrained by a subjective mind but it is also liberated by a desire to create a sense of place through the abstraction of making marks with paint.” (Kerry McInnis, 2013)



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Walker Gorge, NT

A rough 8 hour 4-wheel drive trek out of Alice Springs took me and a group of artists into Walker Gorge, Land of the Luritja people.  We made our camp near one of the few water holes of Walker Creek and made daily hikes down into the gorge or east towards open grassed country.  It is a solemn place. 

The works in this series formed the basis of a solo exhibition at Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney, in 2011. The exhibition was titled, "Salt Rocks, Ochre Dogs".

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