Life directions that have influenced my art

  • 1952                    Born in Hawaii. Spent early years in Philippines and Guatemala.
  • 1970-74              Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, Honours, Middlebury College Vermont, USA
  • 1972-73              Fine Art study, Sorbonne University, Paris
  • 1974                    Emigrated to Australia
  • 1978-81              Masters Degree in Art Conservation - Applied Science, Canberra University, ACT
  • 1983-2000          Director, Art and Archival Paper Conservation P/L
  • 2000-                  Practising Visual Artist. Consulting Conservator, NLA, AWM                         


Me and Lucy, 2008
Self, 2012


Growing up in Guatemala in the 1950's and 60's, I experienced a childhood of contrast and colour.

I studied Fine Art at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA, under the tutelage of Professor John Hunisak and Printmaker David Bumbeck. My third year of university was studiously preoccupied with art history and language studies in Paris.  There, art making was confined to sketching in my journals and life drawing classes at the Place des Vosges. My final year at Middlebury was a full immersion into studio work where I explored techniques and disinherited classical tenets.

In 1974 I emigrated to Australia, where I obtained my Masters Degree in Materials Conservation, later establishing a Company to conserve works of art on paper. As Director of Art and Archival Pty Ltd for twenty years, I satisfied my passion for art by observing and conserving the works of others.
My art practice is all consuming now, as I prepare for group and solo exhibitions in my studio, located outside of Bungendore, NSW in Australia. I reside on a bush property where I share ideas and art with my husband, a sculptor.